Get serious about... blogging?

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Logitech

The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam ($200) is specifically designed for the serious narcissist video web blogger (we will never, ever use the word ‘vlogger’ — don’t say we haven’t got any dignity) and, while it only works alongside Apple products, the additional HD video options it introduces add a sense of professional quality to your (cough) work.

Let’s say an opinion of some sort has popped into your head and, since it would be unfair to the world not to share it immediately, you need to post it ASAP. After easily connecting the webcam to your wi-fi network, a press of a button and boom — instant broadcasting to your global followers via Ustream (a popular, free streaming service). Need to add dynamism to your already groundbreaking posts or video calls? Switching on your Mac’s webcam while using the Broadcaster app on your iPhone or iPad gives you two usable angles at once, which you can toggle between at the touch of a button. And with 720p recording capability, the poor souls who missed your show live can still watch it later, when your performance can be enhanced (is that even possible?) by editing the recorded content using QuickTime or Photo Booth to record it and iMovie or Final Cut to edit it. It won’t be available until later this month, so if you have something really important to say until then, try talking to a person… in the real world. You can always blog about it later.

Pre-Order: $200 (Available Late October 2012)