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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush

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You’re constantly searching for the latest and greatest in personal technology to improve some aspect of your life — be it connectivity, entertainment or productivity. So why are you still sticking with a manual toothbrush, with a basic design that was conceived over 5,000 years ago? Philips has set the bar for advanced toothbrush technology with their Sonicare line for years (not quite 5,000, but still), and their latest top of the line DiamondClean ($220) model is no exception.

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This article was made possible by Philips Sonicare. Advanced oral health for an ever-advancing world.

Like all Sonicare brushes, the DiamondClean uses rapid vibrations to replicate 31,000 brush strokes per minute, removing up to five times more plaque, improve gum health and whitening teeth up to two times more effectively than traditional counterparts. Outside of the unique vibrating head, five distinct modes for cleaning, whitening, polishing, gum care and even coddling sensitive teeth help further improve brushing results, while features like Smartimer and quadpacer make following your dentist’s recommended best practices a cinch. While the integrated rechargeable battery is good for up to three weeks of normal use per charge, the DiamondClean’s included charging carrying case and wireless induction-powered charging glass make keeping your brush topped off an afterthought. Overall, it’s an advanced package that puts your current smile shiner to shame.

Curious to see the DiamondClean for yourself? Well, if you’re in the NYC area, be sure to check out the Great Dig NYC event Sonicare is holding at Madison Square park today. The team there has worked with Mike Wolfe, star of the History Channel’s American Pickers to help visitors “excavate” ancient tooth brushes, in hopes of highlighting how current manual toothbrushes represent a significant technological blind spot in today’s advanced world. Not in NYC? Luckily, you can still join in on the conversation on Instagram and enter to win a few Philips Sonicare products of your own on. Just snap a photo that shows how you’re addressing your own technological blind spot and add the hashtag #StickWithTech. Otherwise, be sure to check out more information on the DiamondClean and how to win on Facebook at

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