Briefings: Meeting Family, Caveman Beef, Pint Math, Butchers and WWII Photos

Short and sweet. No, we’re not talking about your first girlfriend or how you like your shopping trips. Our pinnacle of pertness is far, far more important (just like every Briefings). Our theme: more content, less time spent. Reading, that is. History. Dating. Beef. More beef. Sudsy math. Our finds keep it quick, because goddammit, you’re busy (but never too busy to procrastinate at work).

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1. What to Visit | 10 Best New-School Butchers

Just like the Old ’96er, this steak talk keeps on comin’. Check the list, find the one nearest to you, devour their meaty delicacies.

2. What to Learn | Meeting Your Lady’s Family

Don’t think of mom only as what your gal may look like in 30 years. Don’t tell dad you met his daughter via a sloppy drunken party hookup. Don’t wear that “I’m with stupid” shirt that has an arrow pointing to your junk. That about covers our end. Not astonishingly, Art of Manliness is a bit more helpful.

3. What to be Humbled by | WWII Scenes in Context

The realities of war, especially one that happened more than 70 years ago, are nigh impossible to fathom for those who weren’t involved (or born yet). Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, a Dutch artist, creates the very real ghosts of WWII in this visceral set of photoshopped images.

4. What to Solve | The Pint Equation

We discuss some deep things when are butts are on bar stools. Women, for one. But math? We won’t speak for the physicists out there, but we haven’t tapped into that subject yet. Research group Mindlab’s got you covered. Remember, this will be on the exam.

5. What to Crave | A Neolithic Beef Experience

What’s better than good beef? Good writing about good beef. William Neuman has a special experience, and you’re invited along for the succinct, saucy ride.