Masters of Modern Car Design

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Napoleon had Marengo, Speed Racer had the Mach 5 and Magnum P.I. had his Ferrari. Man has always tethered an emotional bond to his mode of transportation, and that much more so with the automobile. But what of the men who’ve boosted the contemporary car’s ascent to a beloved, even worshiped, object? Masters of Modern Car Design (~$78) delves in to the innovation, passion and foresight of nine men: Walter de’ Silva from the VW Group, Ed Welburn from GM, Lorenzo Ramaciotti from the Fiat Group, J. Mays from Ford, Peter Schreyer from Kia, Jean-Pierre Ploué from PSA, Adrian Van Hooydonk from the BMW Group, Laurens van den Acker from Renault and Gorden Wagener from Daimler. This 252-page coffee table marvel explains how the design of nearly every car in the world today has been influenced by these design chiefs through in-depth review of the machines they crafted, their personalities, never-before-seen drawings and even personal anecdotes. If you’re not a car nut, consider the read a chance for a big fat slice of humble pie, and maybe even a hint of that rare yet contagious motivation.

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