Have booze, will travel

Libations Bar Cart

Drinks By Photo by Crate & Barrel

Gone should be the days of plastic fraternity tumblers filled with warm beer and a properly unclaimed bottle of peppermint schnapps laying sideways behind the sofa. You’re an adult now (right?). Hosting friends means having the right spirits at hand for magical concoctions, without the mess. The Crate & Barrel Libations Bar Cart ($599) can more than adequately fill the role of mobile bar both inside and outside your home; you want your parties to be Animal House epic, not Animal House trashed.

Nicely finished with clear matte powdercoat and brass plating over iron, vintage-style tempered glass and leather-wrapped handles, your portable potable station will impress your guests even while they’re getting sloshed served. And though the rubber wheels should hold up well over your patio’s mildly rough slate tile, don’t try to set any land speed records while delivering a vodka tonic to the doe-eyed brunette vying for your attention.

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