Dinner under the Aurora Borealis? Done.

Philips Hue LED Light Bulbs

Tech : Apps By Photo by Philips

Indoor lighting technology is on the move, and the more we see, the more we’re impressed. Philips has just announced their new Hue LED Light Bulbs ($200+) and taken one more step toward the awesome, terrifying Ray Bradbury world of utter automation. Needless to say, we’re pleased.

Each $59 bulb ($200 for three bulbs and the required hub) contains 11 LEDs in an array of colors: royal blue, red/orange and lime. Using the companion smartphone app, you can program each bulb to emit up to 16 million colors (no, not all at once). You can also adjust the bulb’s brightness — so if retina-searing tangerine is your thing, go nuts. Create your own combination templates for certain moods and program them for future use. We see “Fiji Honeymoon” being a big hit. On the slightly more boring (but still important) front, each Hue bulb is rated at 600 lumens but uses 80% less power than a comparable, non-fun bulb.

If your creativity is at an all-time low, you can use one of Philips template scenes, like “Reading” for a relaxing white, or “Energize” for something more exciting. The customization factor gets amped up with the scheduling function that can turn on, shut off, dim and brighten at preset times. In short, you don’t have to rely on your slobbering Great Dane to wake you up anymore. Sorry Marmaduke.

Using the ZigBee LightLink wireless standard, the Philips Hue system connects via hub to router through a standard ethernet cable. Screw in the bulb(s) once the hub is connected and then push the button — set up is done. Let your fingers do the switching through your smartphone app and you’ve got workout, reading or romance central. Each bulb lasts 15 years. Just don’t drop it.

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