Two (speedboats) if by Sea

Jaguar Concept Speedboat

Cars By Photo by Jaguar

One speedboat designed by a carmaker: awesome concept. Two speedboats designed by two carmakers: a watery challenge. That’s right. Jaguar, following Mercedes-Benz’s nautical lead, has just released images of their Concept Speedboat.

The baby of Director of Design Ian Callum, the just-unveiled Concept Speedboat coincides with the release of the gorgeous XF Sportbrake (wagon). The idea behind the boat (beyond the idea of any speedboat, that is, being gratuitously excessive) was to illustrate Jaguar’s powerful and sexy design while capturing the lifestyle that Jaguar owners embody. With a beautiful teak deck, a polished aluminum propeller, a raked windscreen and a very unique asymmetrical carbon-fiber fin — it would probably make sunbathing painful for a second member of your party — the Concept Speedboat is a unique vessel. So unique, in fact, that Jaguar has no plans to actually build it. Eh, cats don’t really like water, anyway.

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