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Kickstarter: Sunseeker Duo

Cars By Photo by Sunseeker VIA

Solar-powered airplanes are nothing especially new (particularly in this age of instant tech turnaround), but one that has the capacity to skim the heavens while carrying two people has never been done… until now. The Sunseeker Duo aims to be the very first date-worthy solar airplane, but first they need to raise some funding via Kickstarter.

Sunseeker is no novice in the business; The Duo will be their third solar powered aircraft. The craft is essentially a Stemme S-10 glider that has had its weight miraculously shaved in half — which somehow does not include a crash diet by the pilots. Instead, carbon fiber composites were used to reduce heft, bringing the total weight of this monstrous glider to less than 600 pounds. The Duo’s feathery body is suspended between two enormous wings with a span of 75 feet. Wing molds from the University of Stuttgart and SunPower solar cells that span those massive flappers provide the power to drive a 20kW motor. Additional funding is needed to finish out the electronics, as well as to cover the cost of an unmanned test flight — that is, unless one of you wants to volunteer your pilot simulator skills.

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