Be the fall guy

Fiskars Leaf Rake

Design By Photo by Fiskars

Though the thought of jumping in a pile of leaves brings back fond childhood memories, the adult reality is that raking is a royal pain. Not too many technological advancements have been bestowed upon the humble garden rake (it’s not even exciting enough for witches to ride), but the Fiskars Leaf Rake ($25) has the little advancements that get you back on the couch that much quicker.

The lightweight aluminum handle has a teardrop-shaped shaft for a better grip and improved maneuverability, while the 24-inch rake head is wider for grabbing more leaves. Fiskars has also altered the shape and material of the tines, using wide and curved resin tips that resist trapping leaves, dirt and grass. And how many rakes do you know with a lifetime warrantee? The only thing this tool can’t do, it seems, is stop those damn neighborhood kids from ruining your piles with their joyful roughhousing. Bah Humbug.

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