Even when running rogue, it behooves any MI-6 agent to use nothing but the bespoke, from suits to shoes to, naturally, gun cases. The Globe-trotter James Bond Stabilist Rifle Case (~$8,040) looks so good, you’ll do your best to keep the blood off it.

Inspired by the very case used in the upcoming Skyfall, the slick black 26-inch aluminum suitcase features a diamond quilted Alcantara lining and a replica of the telescopic sight handle Bond uses to off some baddies. Since you can’t just run around with a sniper rifle in your hands anymore (ah, the good old days, eh?), the tasteful black tote is probably best used for slogging along your boring business gear — but hey, we’re not your handler. A mere 100 will be made, each one formed by hand and containing a plaque commemorating its uniqueness. A monstrous price tag means Q will be more than slightly pissed when you bring it back scratched.

If you’re not on quite the same budget as Her Majesty’s Secret Service but want to gain similar double-oh style, check out Globe-trotter’s James Bond Centenary Special Edition (~$1,158+) line, which ranges from a 16-inch slim attaché to a 33-inch extra-deep suitcase with wheels. To fill those bags? The James Bond Leather Series (~$96+), which also happen to fall into a more pleasant price range. Any combination should have you traveling handsome — but the TSA may do a double take when you’re not cleverly concealing a Walther PPK.

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Buy Now: Stabilist Case ~$8,040 | Centenary Special Edition ~$1,158 | Leather Series ~$96+