What’s more masculine than a month dedicated to beef? Easy: James Bond.

Bond fights for the good guys, but to call him merely a hero would be an injustice. Beyond 007’s ability to deliver equal parts charisma and carousal, the man manages to do it all: defuse bombs, win showdowns (fisticuff, gun, or blade), evade capture, and ride, drive, and fly every vehicle on earth and beyond — all in style. Not only does Mr. Bond conjure up a stir amongst devastating women, he also enrages (let’s be honest, it’s jealousy) his deep-pocketed archenemies, proving money can buy you the coolest lair, but it won’t buy you the respect of generations. In his 50th year, Bond has gained what we men have chased for two generations now: a life lived successfully. In this case, success with dash, wit and the prom queen in tow.

So ahead of this week’s release of Skyfall, we’ve rallied the crew to hone in on all things Bond. Our series, surveys and gear news will collectively turn their competence towards the ephemera of Bond. It’s our modest submission to you as an alternative to the avalanche of Bond marketing. We’re calling it Bond Week (#gpbond) and we hope you enjoy it well, chap.

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