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MoB | Show Us Your Beef & Great Map of Beef Winners

Announcements By Photo by GP

We’ve weathered sirloin squalls and Tartare trichinosis, digit-endangering cleavers and briskets that cause pleasure comas in two out of three eaters. It’s been one hell of a Month of Beef, and it’s time to honor you, the people who made it happen. We received a massive amount of submissions for our Great Map of Beef — giving a chance at shelter and a full stomach to the lost and beef-less — and our Show Us Your Beef campaign — which made us all yearn for what you had close at hand. In short: We called, and you answered.

Now, we get to reward the winners. Using a combination of intense objective selection and raw luck, we selected five Show Us Your Beef contributors to win $100 in Pat La Frieda steaks and two Map of Beef pin-pointers to receive Laguiole Steak Knife sets. Drumroll, please…

$100 in Pat La Frieda Steaks Winners:
1. Aks106
2. Neil Uchitel
3. Tony Zapata
4. Krusac
5. Manish G

Laguiole Steak Knife Set Winners:
1. Andrew Soucy
2. Anthony Majewski

Congratulations, you champions of beef. Reach out to beef [at] with an email, subject line “contest winner” and we’ll hook you up with what is rightly yours. For those who didn’t win, keep your chins up. You did yourselves, and beef, proud. Keep cooking it. Keep eating it. Keep loving it.