Think Outside of the (Grill) Box

Beefeater Pizza Oven

Culture By Photo by Beefeater

If you’re grilling as much as you can before the blizzard season hits, you may be growing a little tired of beer-can chicken and burgers. For a change of pace, Beefeater brings you their grilltop Pizza Oven ($250). A replacement for the conventional hood on a Beefeater 4- or 5-burner grill, this alternative top gives you traditional-style pizza without a trip to Napoli (it’s depressing there this time of year, anyway: the weather bites, and all those pickpockets are a pain). With the included pizza stone, paddle accessories and a temperature gauge, even a novice can throw a professional pie. Just please, please don’t use it to thaw a DiGiorno. And remember to keep the homemade dough off the ceiling, maestro.

Buy Now: $250