One Man Travelin’ Band

Vox Apache Guitars

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Polishing your six-string chops on the road usually means you’ve either got a motorcade in tow lugging your amps or you’re strumming away unplugged. Vox Apache series guitars keep things cranked during travel and fill in for the band that you’re not yet frontmanning. The Vox Apache Series I ($299) incorporates both an on-board amp with twin speakers and an integrated drum machine into a vintage teardrop shape (a design that’s reminiscent of their iconic Mark series made famous by Brian Jones). The Apache II ($299) rocks the same specs, but houses it all in a Phantom-styled body.

The amp may only pack a 0.07-watt punch, but don’t fret: there’s a patch cord output, so external amplification isn’t out of the question. The ability to choose from eleven pre-set rhythm styles — each with six variations — at the touch of a button should keep your timing tight during heavy practice sessions; an on-board E-string tuner prevents your Boston-style harmony licks from going sour. Both of these anytime/anywhere axes employ a bolt-on maple neck with a slightly shortened 24-inch Rosewood fretboard and weigh in at just a fraction over 6.5 pounds. So whether you’re moving around or plucking away, you can rock out with your Vox out.

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