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West Elm Design Workshop Modular Storage System

November 12, 2012 Design By Photo by West Elm

The West Elm Design Workshop Modular Wall Storage System ($80-$900) is a customizable craftsman solution to that mess you call a bonus room. Made in the U.S.A. using blackened steel and lime-finished solid oak, each component in this do-it-yourselfer instills a high-grade industrial aesthetic to any living space — and brings a mighty reckoning to your clutter.

West Elm happily hands you the design reins. First on the list: wall support and baseboard spacer options. Then, the fun part — 16 different storage components to select, from oak shelves to rolling file cabinets to tabletops. The layout of myriad mountables is entirely up to you, whether you need a workspace, bookshelves, somewhere to hide that rare bottle of hooch, or all of the above. Remember, though, that those gleefully clicked selection boxes can rack up quite a price. Assembly (with a trusty drill and stud sensor) should be easier than convincing a Kardashian to stop for a photo. The best part of this flexible storage buffet? It evolves and grow as your addiction to cool junk does, too.

Buy Now: $80-$900