Armed for the forces of nature

Canada Goose Burnett Down Jacket

Style : Clothing By Photo by Canada Goose

You should be able to go the winter without looking like a neon life raft or, heaven forbid, being the poor sucker who thought a men’s full-length down coat was a good look. Staying warm and fashionable oftentimes means going military (or military inspired); the Canada Goose Burnett down jacket ($649) achieves just the right blend of martial practicality and style to withstand weather that’s trying to backhand slap you and call you Sally.

The hip-length polyester/cotton soft shell comes lined with premium 625-fill white duck down for warmth sans swollen profile. The convenient removable hood is lined with black Polartec® Powershield 02®, so when the wet stuff comes down, your perfectly coiffed hair won’t come all undone. Our favorite feature: internal straps that allow you to carry the Burnett like a backpack. Bet your Burberry trench doesn’t do that.

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