A revved-up timepiece

Timekeeping: Autodromo Monoposto

Style By Photo by Autodromo

We love Autodromo’s automotive-inspired timepieces, so we’re excited to see them expanding the line with the Monoposto ($875), their first mechanical wristwatch.

As with the other pieces in their collection, the Monoposto is an unabashed homage to the Cult of the Car. It takes design cues from the bare-bones, single-seat racers of days gone by, when mechanics taped or painted a swath of bright red directly on drivers’ gauges to indicate the point at which rpms would cause major engine damage. In fact, even the name is an homage: Monoposto means “single-seat” in Italian. Only 250 with black dials and 250 with silver dials will be made, so don’t dally.

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