Briefings: De Niro, Bear Scares, Sri Lanka, a Miracle Magician and an American Cycling Legend

You’ve survived the Month of Beef and Bond Week without being grilled or assassinated; now, on to bears, heavy surfing and cycling up majestic mountains. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the work — you’re safe and sound in your comfy computer chair. Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds (and it should sound pretty fun).

It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

1. What to Avoid | Bears

No, not the second amendment or that financial giant wrapped up in the subprime mortgage crisis. Bears: the furry, toothy, hungry type. How to avoid being eaten by them, with counter-intuitive humorous undertones, here.

2. What to Study | De Niro on Acting

You talkin to me? If you’re asking that… then yes. But I’m writing to you, just to clear up our forms of communication. You talkin to the the New York Times? If you’re Robert De Niro, one of our favorite actors, then the answer is yes. The tough guy on acting, directors, and life. And the Fockers movies.

3. What to Ride | Mountain Roads in Nevada with Greg LeMond

What adds to a nice ride in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas? The first American to win the Tour de France in the saddle next to yours. Rapha, maker of performance cycling gear and excellent biking stories, combines photos, video and text for a piece so comprehensive you’ll smell the sweat.

4. What to Ride | Waves in Sri Lanka

Ah, the Slavs; always known for their film making and their wild surfing addictions. Andro Kajzer, one of Slovenia’s proud sons, brings you to Sri Lanka through a well-made, well-accompanied video. The surfing’s groovy, but we stayed for the people and scenery. You should too.

5. What to Study | A Miraculous Magician

The New Yorker does profiles like a German does schnitzel. No matter how well you write, though, a biopic’s readability rate (that’s a very scientific measure, mind you) is directly proportionate to the subject. And Ricky Jay’s magic, life and obsessions are off the charts.