A hidden gem

Nike VR_S Covert

Even if you’re sidelined by bitter weather, we doubt you’ll take umbrage with the newest member of the Nike club (how clever) — the VR_S Covert ($299+). Available in February 2013, Nike’s sharp new red driver sports a High Speed Cavity Back, bringing a technology once reserved only for irons to a fairway near you.

The cavity backing is only visible from the sole view (hence the “Covert”), but provides more stability, control, and, most importantly, distance, even to off-centered shots. This hidden geometrical gem lends to enhanced heel-toe weighting, upping the moment of inertia (MOI) and helping to place you on the leader board (but we’ll settle for longest drive). Nike also incorporates their patented FlexLoft system, allowing golfers, between sips of Fresca, to choose their loft and face angle independently with a quick pull and twist. It won’t fix that shoddy short game, but you can now slice, curve, hack, or knuckle-puck your way onto the green with ease. Next, either start dreaming of spring or get those tickets to Orlando.

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