Completing your set

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus Mixer

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Pioneer

The Pioneer DJM2000nexus Mixer ($2,999) is in many ways just a slight tweak of the already outstanding DJM2000 released in the spring of 2010, refreshed to match the brand’s advanced CDJ 2000nexus turntables. The most notable changes found in this nexus version are two additional Beat Slice and Sync Master functions that expand on Pioneer’s already powerful Pro DJ Link capabilities. These enhancements won’t mean a thing to today’s breed of DJ (those taking credit for iTunes Genius mixes), but if you must know more, or just can’t look away from the panels of glowing buttons, we’ve got the whole skinny after the break.

Beat Slice syncs the BPM of a track, copies a short sample directly to the DJM200nexus mixer and divides the resulting waveform into eight partitions (i.e. single, quarter, half etc). Tapping on any of the separated portions then applies a unique sound effect that is automatically synced with the beat of the sampled track. Sync Master likewise automatically adjusts the BPM of tracks on all connected audio players to the master clock found on the DJM-200nexus, eliminating the hassle of synchronizing various tunes individually across all four channels. Hardware-wise, a new peak limiter prevents damage to the mixer and reduces distortion even when the dance floor demands all audio sources should play at maximum output.

Beyond that, it’s the same advanced, touchscreen-equipped mixer that’s set the professional standard since 2010. The few spinners constantly dealing with the headaches of four channel sets may find value in springing for these updates, but for the average bedroom DJ with money to burn, now’s the perfect time to strike on the older and likely discounted DJM-2000.

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