A sapling's worst nightmare

Bahco Swedish Brush Axe

Design By Photo by Bahco

Standing in your front yard with a severe case of bed head while wearing stained overalls and whacking away at your rather overgrown landscaping with a machete just might scare the neighbors. Clean yourself up and then break out the rather benign-looking but highly effective Bahco Swedish Brush Axe ($54). Designed to clear both brush and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter, the Brush Axe is made with electroplated rust-resistant steel and uses a 7-1/4-inch high carbon steel blade that can be replaced (especially useful after mistaking barbed wire for bramble). The 20-inch long hickory handle ensures that you get in a good wind up before killing your wife’s rosebush. The fact that it’s made in Sweden probably means some large blond hulk of a man put the whole thing together.

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