Your current case is on the edge of extinction

Dodo Case Customizer Tool

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Dodo Case

Seems like you can customize just about anything these days. From kicks to cars, people want to be their own clever, intellectual, trendy (or not), unique snowflake — just like everyone else. Which is why we’re shocked someone didn’t think of the Dodo Case Customizer Tool ($80+) sooner. Fueling your one-off narcissism, Dodo Case enables iPad users to take creativity to the nth degree by choosing their case fabric, exterior color and design, interior color, adding a special message just about anywhere, and even changing the color of the elastic band. With Christmas sparkling off in the distance, the custom feature will be a hit for those seeking an alternative approach to iPad wrapping for that “lovable” techie in their lives. Now, if only they could come up with a way for us to customize our biceps. The size, in particular.

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