The best kind of warmth

Crown Royal Maple Finished

Culture By Photo by Crown Royal

As thoughts of crackling fires, the laughter (and possibly screaming) of little children and more than your fair share of gingerbread descend upon you in the coming weeks, you might need some holiday cheer to get yourself through it all. What better time to start planning for the requisite imbibing by picking up some Crown Royal Maple Finished ($25)?

You may be relegated to hosting hordes of your less than desirable relatives — or you might be lucky enough to have a house full of festive and truly courteous guests (wake up from your dream!). Either way, a bit of Maple will keep your cheeks merrily pink throughout. The Canadian distillery combines its famous blended whisky with a kiss of maple-toasted oak for just the right mix of caramel, vanilla and smooth maple flavor. We imagine it works holiday wonders as a mixer or served straight up if your mother-in-law is bequeathing her knowledge about the joys of water aerobics class. In that case, we recommend an escape to the back patio, a good cigar and a very generous pour.

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