Dropping a beloved L-Series lens is akin to a photographer’s very own “fiscal cliff”. Sometimes, though, your on-the-go shooting style demands more than an iPhone and insta-edit. For bold times like these, the Kata Revolver 8 PI Camera Bag ($250) gives serious shooters with a bundle of gear the upper hand against gravity’s nasty game of chicken.

A winner of the 2012 Red Dot Award for design, the Kata Revolver backpack allows clumsy photographers to quickly access their lenses and accessories stored in a “revolver-type” magazine from a single point on the side of the bag. Just turn the insert to reach any of five desired lenses or accessories (each in their own compartment), grab, attach and fire away, all while limiting the damage your butterfingers can do. The bag fits up to five lenses, a DSLR body, a grip, a 15-inch laptop, includes a tripod carrying strap, a miscellaneous storage compartment, is luggage friendly and has an elements cover to keep your gear dry — rain or shine. With all that capacity, accessibility, protection and the ability to “reload”, this Kata Revolver gives a whole new meaning to “point and shoot”.

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