Resistance is futile


Design By Photo by Zerocaster

The Zerocaster ($26 each) was designed by a bona fide rocket scientist in a space lab to transform your office chariot into a veritable Ferrari, especially in the black and red color schema. Their axle-less, precision ABEC ball bearings and poly-urethane design draw inspiration from a traditional skateboard wheels, allowing desk chair modders to silently glide around their corner office or cozy cubicle without the “ka-chunk” or “squeak, squeak” of cheap plastic wheels (granted you weigh less than 275). Best of all — Zerocasters install without tools, so you’ll be wheelin’ and dealin’ through the conference circuit in under 10 minutes. Try to avoid getting too caught up in your seating revolution, though, because asking female co-workers if you can grind their desk divider definitely won’t be taken the right way.

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