Briefings: Gift Guides Galore

A cheery wave of holiday gift lists are upon us (we’re partly to blame) — but hey, who doesn’t like some guidance? Life is hard, and so is buying quality presents for the people you care about. Our suggestions? Research thoroughly, sleuth like Sherlock Holmes (“Cashmere? Elementary!”), and never give away the surprise.

Oh, and read our gift guides here. We have no shame.

It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

1. What’s Smart | Esquire’s Bottles for Your Boss

Booze as a gift literally cannot fail. Unless it’s for your alcoholic cousin. Esquire plays it smart with a list of fancy liquor options for the guy who writes your paycheck. Your nose will be brown, but your boss’s cheeks will be a hue of jolly, tipsy red.

2. What’s Eclectic | Cool Hunting Gift Guide

Sometimes all it takes is a shot of inspiration (after a few shots of whatever you’re buying for your boss). Our friends at Cool Hunting throw it all at you in a veritable grid-like barrage of original picks: art, keyboards and more — all with their keen eye on design. There’s even a glass pipe/dildo in there. If there’s someone cool in your life, this gift guide is a must visit.

3. What’s Niche | Gizmodo’s Many Gift Guides

A gift guide for sex addicts is an instant turn off (also, kind of funny). But don’t be too quick to judge (or whip out your credit card and buy something for your better half — those are some dangerous gifts). From the workaholic to the smug married friend, Gizmodo has you covered.

4. What Packs a Punch | Art of Manliness’ Stocking Stuffers

The stocking stuffer is an overlooked gem. Candy, sure, batteries… ok; a fine cigar or a pocket reference guide on your fly fishing? Whoa. I think I got something in my eye there for a minute.

5. What’s Comprehensive | Men’s Health’s 93 Ideas

This gift guide’s stuffed tighter than your uncle’s belly after a hearty feast of Christmas ham. Head here if you’re absolutely flummoxed — and if all else fails, pull a gifting “spray and pray”.