To find gifts for those men who consider driving simply a way to get from point A to point B, head to the nearest Brookstone. For those impassioned drivers you know — the ones who have 5W-30 running through their veins, love talking about tire aspect ratios and own some kind of driving/riding apparel (which slightly embarrasses their significant others) — keep on reading. There’s something for every type, from the style-conscious racer to the oil-filthy, under-the-hood gear head. Oh, and start your engines get out your wallets.

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1. Bell HP3 Auto Racing Helmet

No, you can’t let your friends race cars in motorcycle helmets. They need multi-impact protection, and the Bell HP3 helmet was designed in collaboration with Formula 1 drivers to deliver the utmost in safety (it might be overkill for your Miata autocross this weekend). Certified to Snell and FIA standards, the HP3 has Hans safety Clips, a double screen anti-fog visor and vents galore for optimal airflow. Made of Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, it can’t make you drive faster, but it can certainly help you look the part.

Buy Now: $3,500

2. Team O’Neil Motorsports Rally Driving School

The last time you and your buddies decided to exceed sensible speeds in the snow, a slew of parked cars got new pinstripes matching your Geo Storm’s teal paintjob. Send your gaggle of car luvin’ friends to Team O’Neill’s Rally Driving School, and they’ll be effortlessly tossing family sedans around slick corners in no time.

O’Neill, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, teaches the ropes of rally driving through one of their intense, educational and gravel-throwing two- to five-day courses in Dalton, New Hampshire. A wicked 6.5-mile forest road course, skid pad and braking zone, obstacle avoidance area and slalom course are all at your fingertips — but classroom time is just as important, and you’ll get it here, too. Helmets, cars, safety equipment and lunch are all included. Hot coffee on the aggressive runs not recommended.

Buy Now: $1,897-$5,750

3. Ferrari Boxed Art

Vintage racing prints are the only way your brother gets car art past your sister-in-law and into his home, and nothing’s classier than vintage Ferrari. So what if he has a minivan in the garage? These vintage sets of six black and white photograph prints come in variety of themed boxed sets, from vintage Formula 1, to Grand Touring, to prototypes. Thankfully, there’s no prints of the awful Mondial anywhere to be found.

Buy Now: $503

4. Vintage Heuer Watches

Watches and racing go hand in hand, especially for the stylish auto nut. Instead of a Kyle Busch Nascar watch, opt for a vintage timepiece that looks just as stunning today as it did decades ago. Hint: Nothing presents a stronger automotive timekeeping heritage than a beautifully maintained Heuer Carrera Chronograph. Nothing.

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5. Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection

Face it. You’ll likely never own the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron supercar, and even if you did, you’d probably have to pony up an extra chunk of change for driving lessons, racetrack time and a few hundred spare pairs of underwear. Instead, simply educate yourself about the design and creation of this remarkable automobile. A Quest for Perfection explains it all, and probably costs a lot less than one of the Veyron’s engine screws.

Buy Now: $21

6. Traxxas X0-1 Remote Control Supercar

Take all your childhood dreams of an RC car and invest them in the ultimate miniature speed demon, the Traxxas X0-1. The electric all-wheel drive and brushless-motored Traxxas gets 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and 100 mph right out of the box. Supercar looks top off that ridiculous speed. The Traxxas also comes with fully customizable drive options such a throttle and steering sensitivity; the Traxxas Link App allows you to record telemetry data such as speed, temperature and RPMs. All it’s missing is a frightened toy driver.

Buy Now: $700

7. Porsche Design Cigar Case

Porsche’s design group has created some fantastic eyewear and watches. Now you can also acquire fine Porsche-designed tobbacciana in this sleek stogie carryall. Constructed with handsome dark aluminum and wood, the case accommodates various cigar lengths and ring gauges and keeps your sticks fresh with an airtight seal. Just don’t light up a Montecristo No. 2 in your vintage Mercedes Gullwing — it might look suave, but you’ll bawl like a baby after burning a hole in the leather seats.

Buy Now: $395

8. Ultimate Nautilus Off-Road Camper

If it’s possible to combine yachting style and serious camping, the guys at Nautilus have done it. Their Off-Road camper is built with sturdy structural cores and monocoque construction for both durability and lightness; state-of-the-art design provides the creature comforts that distinguish you from a nomadic hippie. The queen-size bed, air conditioning, unique folding door system and folding in-suite shower and toilet (flush first) mean you don’t ever have to truly rough it.

Buy Now: $97,500

9. Kevils Speed Shop Custom BMW Motorcycle

Vintage bike builds are all the rage right now. Retro style and speed come together in some of the finest-looking custom Beemers around at Kevils Speed Shop. With some simple specifications and a hearty dose of their style, Kevils will design and build you the one-off café racer of your dreams, and keep you updated along the way. But get riding lessons before you take it out, will ya?

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10. Autoart 1/12-Scale 1954 Jaguar D-Type

Model cars are for kids, right? Hell no. No five year old is getting his hands on one of these for the holidays. This famous number 3 24-Hours of Rheims winner in gigantic 1/12 scale is simply not for careening off the basement staircase — it’s the kind of die-cast tastiness that belongs on your den’s mahogany shelf. Mitts off, rugrats.

Buy Now: $490

11. Lewis Leathers Motorway Boots No. 191

When was the last time you threw together your best motorcycle cop outfit? Well, here’s the pièce de résistance — motorcycle boots don’t get any classier than Lewis Leathers. Based on vintage riding boots, the Motorway 191 comes with three securing straps, an inner trouser strap, a rear full-length zipper and robust Goodyear welting for easy resoling. They look as good in grand touring garb as they do with law enforcement regalia.

Buy Now: ~$615

12. Restored Porsche 356

The Porsche 356 is an automotive icon that turns heads more than Sofia Vergara in a halter top. Talk about classic Porsche lines: this is the forefather of the venerable 911 we’re talking about. But you can’t just dial up your local Porsche dealer and order one — it’s got to be restored to its former glory, and it’s got to be done right. California Porsche restoration is a good place to start. This might just be the kind of Christmas gift you reserve for yourself. Merry Christmas, indeed.

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