Leave spawn kills and fragging behind


Culture : Entertainment By Photo by SCEA

Eff Yeah! Gotta love Journey! Oh, wait… not the genius rockers of “Don’t Stop Believin'”? Okay, we can settle for a visually stimulating, comprehensively impressive video game, instead. Journey by thatgamecompany ($15) is being heralded as one of the most beautiful video games ever. It’s more of an adventure than a save-your-health, fight-this-boss-to-save-the-world epic; but epic it is, and different in spades.

The premise: head toward the lighted mountain in the distance. Who are you? A hooded mystery. The environment, third-person narrative and a beautiful score lend themselves to making this game a stand-out, and not in a dubious, Duke Nukem Forever sort of way. We’re warned that it’s very short, but even with that oft game-crippling defect, Journey has received rave reviews from players and pundits alike. Download it for PlayStation 3 and enjoy a gaming experience rather than constant spawn kills and campers.

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