Word Notebooks

November 30, 2012 Style : Accessories By Photo by Word Notebooks

What sets a notebook apart? Most of the time, what’s in it. But even filled with bad doodles, Word Notebooks ($10 per three-pack) are excellent receptacles for ink. From the minds behind Cool Material comes this deceptively clever spin on an everyday tool. The notebooks are perfectly sized for a pocket tote, but they’re also hardily made; there’s nothing worse than a well-worn collection of thoughts that crumbles into uselessness.

The notebooks’ 48 lined pages make use of an intuitive list system: a bulls-eye gives you room to bullet point or mark as important, in progress or complete (yes!). Not everyone wants to keep a clean notebook, but both the incoherent scribbler and the measured jotter will appreciate what Cool Material’s done here. Extra points for sharp aesthetics and truly interesting random facts within the back cover.

Buy Now: $10 (three pack)