A wicked curveball

Bergino Handmade Baseballs

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Bergino

You may have never been beaned by one in the stands, but that doesn’t mean a cool baseball is out of reach. Bergino Handmade Baseballs ($20) combine your love of the sport with whatever else it is you’re into. Hippie who loves catching pop flies? Tie-dye peace ball. Crossword nut who always nails clues about famous players? New York Times crossword ball. Favorite player is Sandy Koufax, and you love watching America’s pastime over a plate of gefilte fish? Mensch ball. The range of balls are made with high quality glossed leather, suede or cowhide. If this wide selection misses your strike zone, they make truly custom balls, too. Just please don’t have one printed with “The Drought” or “104” for your favorite Cubs fan.

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