The plastic pitcher currently filtering water in your fridge is a far greener way to stay hydrated than pounding down bottles, but it stills leaves plenty to be desired — both in terms of form and function. Its tupperware aesthetic isn’t exactly ready for the bright lights of the dinner table, and if you fill it too much, you’re likely to spill everywhere on your next pour. Those plastic and charcoal filters still windup in a landfill somewhere too, and unlike Gangnam Style, they’ll be around for decades to come.

The Soma water filtering carafe is an innovative new approach to water purification that provides the same benefits as today’s market leaders while filtering out their problems.

The Soma’s revolutionary filter, made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk and food-based PLA plastic, was designed from the ground up by David Beeman (a filtration expert who’s crafted water formulas for global brands like Starbucks and Peets) to be fully biodegradable and provide a unique, crisp taste. Its traditional carafe shape, made from decanter-quality glass, is both elegant and ergonomically sound, providing a sure, secure grip — no handle needed. Best of all, both the carafe and the filters are made in America.

If it all sounds too good to be true, we should mention that The Soma is a new Kickstarter project that needs more than a trickle of cash to get up and running. Pledging $50 or more secures one of the first carafes off of the assembly line, along with a “free” six month filter subscription that takes the guess work out of knowing when to change it. Pledge up to $5,000, and you could be one of three lucky supporters to have dinner with author Tim Ferris and the Soma team in an historic San Fran mansion. For that price, they better serve more than water, though.

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