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Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione

Design By Photo by Rocket Espresso

Yes, it’s adorned with enough chromed steel to outshine a Kansas City bound Freightliner. Yes, it’s breathtakingly expensive. But for the truly dedicated, the Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione ($2,100) is the closest thing to espresso nirvana we’ve ever had the chance to pull a shot from.

Less white-gloved show pony and more workhorse, the Evoluzione doesn’t just deliver a perfect shot, it lines up a cavalcade of them — each, a precise crema-topped shot of caffeinated utopia. You can thank the overengineering that’s pervasive throughout the machine. Drool-worthy engineering highlights include a 1.8 liter nickel-plated boiler, copper plumbing, colossal 1200-watt heating element, patented cool-touch steam wands, time tested and widely available E-61 componentry, dual reservoir or directly-plumbed water sourcing, rotary pump tuning controls, and commercial grade, well, everything. Combined with achingly handsome looks, pure-blood Italian workmanship and staggering presence (it weighs nearly 50 lbs) the Evoluzione out-classes every machine — and barista — in its class.

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