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Widealab Aurender S10 Music Server

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Aurender VIA

Most people are perfectly content to store and experience their music collection on a computer (we do it everyday at the office). The convenience of accessing massive amounts of music and rich metadata on a whim with just a click or a search is simply unparalleled. For audiophiles, though, this ease of use comes at the expense of sonic fidelity.

The Aurender S10 digital music server from the Korean audio new-comer Widealab provides the best of both worlds to those who can afford it. Unlike typical computers, the S10’s compartmentalized design eliminates sound-destroying electrical distortion, by maintaining complete separation between the custom sound card, linear power supply and the motherboard/hard drives. Speaking of hard drives, a 2TB internal drive is included to house extensive music collections, but all cued music is instantaneously copied to a 65GB solid state drive before being played for improved performance.

While geeks may appreciate that the computer runs a customized version of Linux, the included iPad application is the only bit of software owners will ever interact with when browsing through their collection via album artwork, playlists, or any other metadata factor. More importantly, there’s no need to futz with sample rate support or configuring software for bit perfect output, regardless of whether a low-qulaity MP3 or high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz file is selected. The S10 takes care of it all on the fly.

It’s not like the component is all brains and no beauty either. Instead, the substantial aluminum block should look right at home next to most hifi gear and features dual AMOLED displays that can rotate between three different display modes depending on user preference. Subsequently, the only point of concern qualified buyers should have is whether their digital music collection has the class to match their newly aquired digital music gear.

Buy Now: $6,800