Vodka: The purest spirit. Oddly enough, it causes some of the most unpure activity we know about. Purity Vodka ($40) won’t set the vice-ridden straight, but it will give them something to deeply enjoy as they go on their merry, sinning way. Boasting a talented master blender, an intense distilling process, a very unique home base and a whole bunch of awards, the Swedish-produced Vodka offers up a drink that bridges the gap between affordability and connoisseur-level quality.

There’s nowhere better to start than awards. Underdog, they are not — Purity’s won awards at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the San Francisco Spirits competition, and literally enough other contests to bore you to death. If you want to schmooze the list, feel free. Their Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen, is also a proven winner; oh, and did we mention they make the stuff in a 13th century castle? There’s no cutting corners with these guys.

The “Ultra-premium” (boy, has that term been shallacked into every liquor commercial we’ve seen lately) vodka is distilled 34 times, a process that Purity claims weeds out 90% of the liquid, leaving only the most full-bodied spirit. Sipped chilled, it has big notes of vanilla with a syrupy sweetness, backed by a pleasant alcohol heat that sits right among subtle hints of spice. It’s smooth. It’s very drinkable, even tasty — and this coming from a someone who tends to shy away from the clear stuff. Clearly, Purity Vodka’s doing something right, and in a class that’s all too filled with poseur marketing gimmicks and schemes, that’s something to cheers to.