Good Morning, Vietnam... and Canada... and Brazil...

Geneva WorldRadio

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Geneva

It’s fitting that the radio has always had geographic limitations. Think of it as Mother Earth’s little joke: as media has made the world a smaller place, she still reminds you that she’s large enough to be an inconvenience — radio waves can only travel so far, after all. Which is why we imagine she’s probably a bit irked by the Geneva WorldRadio ($300).

Built in the longstanding spirit of the world receiver, a radio that could receive a multitude of signals (but not all of them), the WorldRadio allows listeners to receive FM, Digital Radio and internet broadcasts from literally anywhere around the globe. Both digital and analog amplifiers pump clear, powerful sound out of the built-in 3-inch full-range driver. Most importantly, the box, available in three colorways, couples digital FM technology with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to link your audio explorer to a computer, smartphone or tablet device and stream any number of national and international stations, all the while ensuring that something like Gangnam Style never sneaks up on you again.