A different kind of pole dance

MSR SureLock TR-3 Trekking Poles

If you’ve ever used trekking poles with friction locks, you know they can be fickle and finicky — slippage and tedious adjustment are par for the course. MSR’s SureLock TR-3 ($150) allows you to navigate frequently changing terrain with an on-the-fly two-finger length adjustment system. That means no removing the gloves or poles from your hands to unlock, adjust, and re-lock your sticks. Constructed of lightweight 7000 series aluminum, the pole’s materials are complemented by a design that keeps the adjustment mechanism, and therefore the center of gravity, up high, providing a superior swing weight and a faster, more efficient pole.

The TR-3 is intended for backcountry trekkers who need the versatility and compactness of a three-section pole; but MSR also makes a two section pole, the TR-2, that’s more suited to off-piste skiers and those who keep their poles exclusively in hand. With either set, you’ll be tripping the light fantastic over the trails like Mr. Astaire.