Drive the line in your own home

NoMo Designs Racetrack Series Posters

Design By Photo by NoMo Designs

Though we’re pretty sure the Tour De France now needs a bit more polishing than its excellent NoMo Design posters could possibly provide, the company’s efforts are never wasted. Such is clearly the case with their new Racetrack Series Posters ($26).

NoMo covers eight legendary racetracks — Talladega, Daytona, Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Indianapolis, Monaco, Silverstone and Sebring — laying them out from a birds-eye view in all their rubber-burned glory. Each track is printed in white ink, simple and crisp, on 18 x 24 inch blacktop 100# construction cover by French Paper Co. This is the kind of sophisticated art that deserves a place in your home, not just your garage; it won’t be as hard to convince the wife who rejected your Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon lithograph for proud display in the living room. NoMo’s Race Track Series unofficial mantra: “Those who can drive well, do. Those who can’t, hang.”