AirPlay for grown ups

TEAC CR-H700 AirPlay Audio Receiver

Tech : Electronics By Photo by TEAC

Forget the Bose — throw the AirPlay enabled TEAC CR-H700 ($700) onto a bookshelf or console and you’ve got the perfect mid-sized room system. If you’re not familiar with TEAC, all the better; if you knew about the company’s bargain basement offerings of yore, forget them. It is worth noting they’re one of the oldest names in audio equipment, and you might be familiar with TEAC’s more prevalent American siblings, Tascam and Esoteric.

With the CR-H700 audio receiver, TEAC has made advancements on its traditional brother by (as excitedly aforementioned) adding AirPlay. Seamless syncing to any iOS gadget means you’ll be pumping out “Mandolin Rain” “Here I Go Again” on repeat, and it even has a CD player for all you old schoolers. Pair that with 40 watts per channel via discrete amplifiers, a direct iPod/USB interface, multiple auxiliary inputs and an AM/FM tuner, and you’ve got a perfect Christmas gift for good ole yourself.

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