Big bass, little package

Sjofn Hi-Fi The Clue Loudspeaker

Design By Photo by Sjofn VIA
Follow their rules, or else...

Home theater buffs and audiophiles alike know that to achieve harmonic balance a quality low range is essential. For those who also seek balance in all things feng and shui, that usually means burying oversized towers under foliage of some sort or trying to stuff a subwoofer under a settee. To quell the dissonance, Seattle-based Sjofn Hi Fi has released The Clue Loudspeaker ($1,000). Measuring 14 x 8 x 10.5 inches, The Clue is compact enough to be considered a mini-monitor. Where that consideration is challenged, though, is in the bass that these tiny speakers can crank out. While most high quality speakers of this size push lows in the 75Hz range, the Clues can muster a block-rocking 28-32Hz.

To put that into perspective, most full-size subwoofers drop to about 20Hz. Both the 5.5-inch woofer and 7/8-inch tweeter benefit from proprietary drivers to break the rules and deliver a full range up to 42kHz.

Speaking of rules, Sjofn has some pretty strict guidelines for any prospective buyers. Regardless of whether you like the Maple, Cherry or Piano black finish, each speaker must be stationed within 2.5 inches of the rear wall. The closer the better. You must also ensure that they sit on a 19- to 22-inch tall stand to maximize the bass reinforcement from the floor. They must be toed in at a 22.5 degree angle and your seat may have to move to achieve the ideal 1:1.2 speaker to listener ratio. Finally, if the room you want these miniature boomers for is anything more than 2500 cubic feet, you may want to reconsider your purchase. We don’t like being bossed around, but we sure do like getting the most out of a fine product. Thankfully, Sjofn offers a 30-day in home trial to figure all of that out.