A stitch in time

Tic Button Fasteners

Style By Photo by Tic VIA

You’re proud of being the DIY captain for any problem: plumbing issues mean a wrench, not a phone, and AAA means anytime, anyplace, all-by-yourself. But despite solitary savvy, a blown-out button can cause just about any man to unravel. Tic Button Fasteners ($8) save you the indignity of button-less belly bulge and that call to mom for a mend.

Designed for the non-sewing type, Tic simply clips and twists to put things back into place quickly and permanently. When duty calls, stab the spiked end through your shirt from the inside and place the button on the exposed points. Then fold the fastener until it clicks and twist to release. In less time than it takes to type out Martinizing you can save your own spread collars and get back to business. Now, if only you could handle hems with comparable competence.