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Oppo BDP-103 Universal 3D Blu-ray Player

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Oppo

While the rest of the Blu-ray player market races to the bottom of a Dollar Store dumpster, Oppo remains resolute in serving those who demand the highest possible audio and video quality out of their home theater. The company’s latest OPPO BDP-103 Universal 3D Blu-ray Player ($500) includes Marvell’s Kyoto-G2h video processor for True 24p Video output or up-converting standard DVDs to 1080p, and even 1080p content to 4K — with fantastic results.

There’s also plenty of advanced connectivity to accommodate all kinds of setups, including dual HDMI outputs for displaying content on two screens in multi-room installations, or using one channel for dedicated audio (keeping that old non-3D receiver useful) while another is used for video. Dual HDMI inputs are also virtually unheard of and allow users to connect external devices like DVRs and Apple TVs to offload video and audio processing duties to the 103’s superior guts. It’ll also play any disc-based media other than Laserdisc; included network capabilities broaden the list to virtually any digital media files stored on DLNA compatible media servers, connected USB drives, or the player’s 1GB of integrated storage. Access to streaming services like Netflix, Vudu and Pandora via a wired or wireless internet connection top it all off.