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Behmor Brazen Coffee Brewer

Design By Photo by Behmor VIA

Ask any coffee aficionado about the best method for brewing a cup and they’ll rifle off one of several manual techniques. That’s because doing it yourself is far more precise than your average Mr. Sloppy in terms of water temperature and distribution, which are key for the proper extraction of coffee bean oils. Behmor’s Brazen Coffee Brewer ($220) is a new breed of machine, blending manual-pour taste with the convenience of a drip brewer for an unparalleled level of control in the hands of java junkies.

Specifically, a variable temperature control pinpoints water temps anywhere between 190-210°F, while onboard altitude correction compensates for changes in elevation (which impact the boiling point). The companion full saturation water dispersion sprayhead insures water is evenly distributed over the grounds, and even boasts a pre-soak function that uses 5 ounces to prep grounds from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. If you still can’t fully let go and trust the machine, there’s also a manual release setting for using the carafe as a kettle for pour-overs. All of that technology still doesn’t trump the good old fashion methods, but it’ll blow your current brewer’s 10W-40 solution out of the water.