More dignified than a Zipcar

2013 Honda NC700X

Cars By Photo by Honda
Motorcycling for the sensible man.

If the tumble off the fiscal cliff should ever occur, you can blame it for everything from your thin wallet to your kid’s meager college savings account. Another unwelcomed consequence of our current financial disrepair? Motorcycle riding isn’t purely for fun anymore — more and more people are opting for two wheels to save some coin at the pump. The 2013 Honda NC700X ($6,999) is evidence of that change — but in this case, it’s change we can get behind.

Though it looks the part of an adventure motorcycle, the NC700X’s 670cc parallel twin engine is its true headliner, which is actually based on the four-cylinder version in the Honda Fit. See where this is going? Mileage claims of 64 mpg make for some seriously smart commuting. Plus, the bike’s fuel tank is housed below a faux tank that provides a full 21 liters of storage, so you can stow your riding gear before you head up to the office. The rear seat bag and panniers ensure that you can also tote your laptop and those beefy reports that you’ve slaved so hard on. Toss in a couple extra grand to opt for DCT, which adds both ABS and an electronically shifted dual-clutch transmission. Either way, the looks of the new Honda are certainly on the racy side; just don’t think you’re gonna roast a Hayabusa at the light.