Fill 'er up

Portland Growler Co.

Culture By Photo by Portland Growler Co.
32 ounces is great, 64 ounces is drunk.

It can be emitted by your stomach, your dog or your angry in-law, but the best form of the low rumble is the growler, beer drinkers’ response to the doggy bag. Portland Growler Co. knows their way around these 32- and 64-ounce jugs o’ joy better than just about anybody. The (you guessed it) Portland company proudly designs a range of growlers, which are then slip cast, trimmed and made to order by Mudshark Studios (also of Portland, of course). It’s the American Northwest, so we’re unsurprised — but pleased — that they use locally sourced clay and create their growlers in made-to-order small batches.

Their heavy-duty 64 ouncers can be had with a sprocket, loop or “grigri” (stylishly rounded) handle, and smaller “Growlettes” have all the same options plus one free of a handle entirely (as in the photo above); gloss white, satin gray and matte black glazes make these portable parties handsome as well as handy. Oh, and both growlers and lids can be customized with a bar, brewery or pub logo. We’ll just be faithfully waiting for our Gear Patrol embossed beauties, dreaming of guzzling microbrews without a care in the world. Expect us to be grumpy until we get them.