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Beck’s Sapphire

Culture By Photo by Beck's

Can gimmickry was so two years ago. Today, it’s all about getting a better buzz from your brew. Beck’s Sapphire is the latest entry into the field, boasting 6 percent ABV and a sleek black glass bottle designed to blend seamlessly into the background of happening nightclubs, bars and restaurants — while also protecting the suds from light. Despite being brewed with “rare German Saphir hops”, Beck’s Sapphire is still a golden pilsner like it’s forebear, and brewed to the strict specifications of the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, or Reinheitsgebot — so it uses only four natural ingredients. That means it should taste just as smooth, despite the added kick in the Arsch. Look for it at local beer sellers and hangouts of distinction nationwide now.