Manly Origins of Cheerleading
What do Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and Tom DeLay have in common? They were all cheerleaders.
Better Than Human
Wired’s Kevin Kelly postulates the questions: What would happen if 7 out of 10 Americans were fired tomorrow? What would they all do? With special guest Jimmy Fallon.
Dialogue Two Guys Sitting at a Table, Talking
Our favorite new video podcast isn’t really new, but it’s got two of The NY Times‘ finest (A. O. Scott and David Carr) discussing the merits and pitfalls of movies, media and culture. Here are their best moments of 2012.
Neil Armstrong Thought Ahead
Neil Armstrong’s famous “small step for man” line is the stuff of legends, but did you know that it was planned in advance and grammatically incorrect?
Narcissism We Love Ourselves
Narcissism is about the worst characteristic a man can lay claim to, unless that man’s name rhymes with Phony Lark. It appears that the rest of the world disagrees… at least they’re acknowledging it. Stephen Marche discusses.