Slope style, sans slope

Ecco Roxton GTX Snowboard Boots

Style : Shoes By Photo by Ecco
Snowboard style for the street.

Your back isn’t what it used to be, but simply being old an adult shouldn’t condemn you to losing that “king-of-the-slopes” hipness you once exuded. The snowboard-inspired ECCO Roxton GTX Snowboard boot ($200) helps you look the part (without disclosing how many times you’ve really hit the mountain this winter). Oiled leather and textile uppers and a wool lining with lambskin highlight this modern footwear. A Gore-Tex membrane and removable felt inlay sole lock out winter slush and ensure comfort; the rugged treads keep you firmly planted. Now, just lose the puffy neon green coat and pretend those lift passes on the zipper aren’t from three years ago.