An app for the dark night

Rise Alarm Clock App

Tech : Apps By Photo by Simplebots
Wake up on the right side of technology.

Something needs to be done about our gadgets, because they’re getting to be too much. Toasters with wi-fi, espresso machines with built-in Instragram — every gadget today is trying to do everything for everyone, all while accomplishing absolutely nothing. It needs to stop.

Out of the tangled wires and Bluetooth antennas, a hero, well, you know. Rise ($2) by Simplebots is an iPhone app that does exactly one thing: wake you up. And while that simple task may seem rudimentary, it’s done beautifully by Rise. With a clean and intuitive design, users drag the time bar up or down on the screen to set the alarm. A basic flick to the right turns the alarm on or off, and soon-to-be dozers can even create and set playlists to fall asleep and/or wake up to. That’s it.

You may be a bit shocked, but think about it — shouldn’t the one thing that’s simple, efficient and reliable be your alarm clock? Besides, if that tool fails, how would you make it to the Genius Bar appointment you made for your waffle iron at 10 a.m. tomorrow?