Looks good in leather

Wood & Faulk Camera Wriststrap

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Wood & Faulk
Our bet's on rich brown, but we can see the appeal of chalky tan to those pale folk out there.

We of all people love a good camera, but sometimes they can be so aesthetically… well, boring. Cold, monochromatic bodies coupled with cold, monochromatic buttons, dials and lenses — it makes even the plainest of men want to go out and do a little accessorizing. And while you may be cringing over the mental image of a pink Hello Kitty garnishment wrapped around your favorite Leica, we were thinking more along the lines of good ol’ American rawhide.

Made in the craftsman-friendly locale of Portland Oregon, the Wood & Faulk Camera Wriststrap ($49) adds a refreshing swath of masculine leather to your favorite shooter. Available in two different stains, Chalky Tan and Rich Brown, the handmade strap loops through your camera’s lug mount (make sure yours has this before buying) and offers a protective tab to ensure its hardware doesn’t scratch up that plain, boring finish. Beyond being far more handsome than its nylon siblings, the leather strap has an added bonus in that it won’t slip nearly as easily off your sweaty wrist. Think of it as simple and stylish insurance to keep your point-and-shoot from turning into a break-and-swear.