Stop cutting corners

Festool CMS Router Table

Design By Photo by Festool

With over 300 patents and almost ninety years of experience under their belts, the toolmakers at Festool have a reputation for Über-engineered innovations for the discerning craftsman. The Festool CMS Router Table ($1,200+) is their latest piece of all-aluminum handiwork for cabinetmakers looking to soften some edges without cutting any corners. Seamless integration of either of Festool’s OF 101 or OF 1400 routers combines with a fully adjustable fence and the precision of 1/256th of-an-inch adjustment to create a full function flat-top for the most finicky finish carpenters.

Available in two models, the router table can be had as an add-on feature for Festool’s venerable Multifunction Table or as a stand-alone unit, complete with height adjustable folding legs and anti-vibration feet. We recommend going whole hog and springing for “The Set” version ($1,600), which includes the optional sliding table, in and out feed extensions as well as a trick mitre gauge and a dust collection system — enough extras to make Ron Swanson blush.